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The town is the venue

What we do here at Deveron Arts in Huntly

Deveron Arts is a contemporary arts organisation based in Huntly, a market town in the north east of Scotland with a population of 4,500. We work here with the history, context and identity of the town.

Deveron Arts has no gallery - instead the town is the venue - acting as studio, gallery and stage for artists of all disciplines invited from around the world to live and work here. For this we use found spaces throughout the town and its surrounding areas: supermarkets, churches, garages etc. to name just a few.

Engaging with local people and the community through topics of both local and global concern, Deveron Arts works through a 50/50 approach. This brings together artistic and social relationships in a global network that extends throughout and beyond the geographic boundaries of Huntly.


Deveron Arts places local issues within the context of global perspectives, and inversely, situates national and international topics within Huntly.  Since 1995 we have focused on collaborative, socially engaged practices, bridging disciplines and sectors and exploring the relationship between artists and community. This is done through our 50/50 approach where the relationships between local/global, artist/community, hospitality/criticality frame our work.

The township of Huntly operates as research site, studio, gallery and stage for the artists who come to live amongst the town residents, normally for a period of three months. 

Each artist in residence offers an engaged and process-based project unique to Huntly, working with topical issues that affect both this location and the wider world, through a range of social, economic and political perspectives. The projects address specific groups of the community yet also resonate beyond our geographic boundaries.

An example of our work and the motto the town is the venue can be found in the Town Collection.

Come and visit us at our base in the Brander Building in the town square.

Claudia presented these concepts at the Out There conference, Tramway, Glasgow. Click here to view.

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